Whether you have a team who wants ,or needs to work better together, or a group of people who fancy a challenge this can be an excellent activity to get people working and communicating better.

The activity starts by dividing participants up into appropriate size teams, this can be pre-determined if the group has specific goals or can be achieved by randomly selecting teams through an initial task.

Once teams have been chosen a briefing will be given explaining the rules, what equipment is available and any necessary safety information. The teams will then be left to their own devices to create their raft.

Once complete teams will go afloat and take part in a series of tasks which will test the teams themselves, as well as their rafts to destruction!

This activity can be beneficial for many different groups with different outcomes. Groups have used this activity in the past to promote team work, communication, leadership, planning, confidence, self-esteem, common sense, improve judgement and with changes to the rules as the task progresses it is also an excellent way to see how people react under pressure in changing environments.

If required and requested before the event feedback can also be given to the group as a whole and/or individuals with a written report on what can be   improved.

The cost is £10 per person

The minimum group size is six and the maximum at any one time is twenty four. If a group is larger than this we can run multiple sessions and if wanted can run other activities for the other group at the same time.

None, any one of any age or ability, with or without experience can take part in our problem solving exercises.

General outdoor clothing and secure closed toe footwear are required due to the nature of the activity; flip flops are not permitted. Due to the unpredictable nature of the British weather it is advisable to bring a outer waterproof layer.

We only need some basic details about participants including medical and additional needs which can be given to us using our booking form, that’s it!

This activity may involve challenges involving water however no participant will be required to go afloat at any point. Therefore you are only likely to get wet from the weather; please bring a waterproof coat just in case.

As this activity takes place on land and requires no extra equipment there is no maximum or minimum age limit. As the activity requires participants to communicate to each other to achieve an objective those under 10 would particularly struggle with the tasks however if there were only a couple mixed within a larger group they may benefit from the activity.

If you are unsure please contact us for more information.

In short, No. This activity takes place on land and requires no level of fitness other than that normally required whilst going about your every day life. Those with restricted movement / strength can also take part in this activity including those in wheelchairs.

Yes we do, please contact us for further information as well as a reduced price.

There are no specific qualifications required to run a problem solving session however all of our staff have experience running these sessions Yes and just in case we also have insurance.

Please contact us to discuss your query.