This is an excellent opportunity to experience raft building within Bridgwater  and is perfect for groups who want to improve team work and communication in an enjoyable way, as well as those who just want to have fun!

The activity starts by dividing participants up into appropriate size teams, this can be pre-determined if the group has specific goals or can be achieved by randomly selecting teams through an initial task.

Once teams have been chosen a briefing will be given explaining the rules, what equipment is available and any necessary safety information. The teams will then be left to their own devices to create their raft.

Once complete teams will go afloat and take part in a series of tasks which will test the teams themselves, as well as their rafts to destruction!

This activity can be beneficial for many different groups with different outcomes. Groups have used this activity in the past to promote team work, communication, leadership, planning, confidence, self-esteem, common sense, improve judgement and with changes to the rules as the task progresses it is also an excellent way to see how people react under pressure in changing environments.

If required and requested before the event feedback can also be given to the group as a whole and/or individuals with a written report on what can be improved.

The cost is £20 per person

The minimum group size is six and the maximum at any one time is twenty four. If a group is larger than this we can run multiple sessions and if wanted can run other activities for the other group at the same time.

None, almost any one of any age or ability, with or without experience can take part in raft building.

General outdoor clothing and secure closed toe footwear are required due to the nature of the activity; flip flops are not permitted. It is also strongly advised to bring a towl and a full set of clothing as to change into if you get wet.

We only need some basic details about participants including medical and additional needs which can be given to us using our booking form, that’s it!

As the raft is built by your team this really depends on how well designed and built your raft is. Once built even the most well constructed raft is unstable compared to a purpose built boat therefore increasing the chance of you getting wet.

There is certainly no upper age limit, as long as the individual has the ability to use the paddle. We have taken out many older people who have wanted to join us and encourage everyone to give it a go!

The lower age limit is determined by the size of the individual as every participant must fit safely in a buoyancy aid. As we have junior sized buoyancy aids this is possible for most over 3 years of age however this activity is best for those over six years of age. If unsure please contact us.

A portion of the session is taken up with the design and building of the raft, during this period any one of any ability would be able to be involved. Once the raft is afloat participants work as a team to make it move so strength is not particular important. If any one falls off of a raft it is use full if they have the ability to get back onto the raft however they can be assisted by the instructor if they can not do this themselves.

Yes we do, please contact us for further information as well as a reduced price.

Yes! We only use staff who hold qualifications saying they are able to respond quickly and effectively to people in the water and deal with incidents afloat as well as know the area of operation, we also have insurance just in case.

Please contact us to discuss your query.